Sunday, October 28, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I took the leap into the world of paid posting. I signed up for Payperpost. A good friend of mine (and a fellow blogger) was making a little extra pin money doing this. So I thought I would give it a try.

Side Note: Pin Money? Who uses that word any more? Any one? Gosh, it’s amazing I know how to use a computer…

Any way, a little while ago I contacted my friend and asked her all about Payperpost. She only had positive things to say about it. She told me it was easy to use and that she receives several opportunities a week with them. She said they have high word of mouth ethics too.

So I filled out a short form and shared my interests. Since then I have been receiving payable topics that are relate-able to me. So far the topics have been very easy to write about. I can honestly say they have even been fun to write! Needless to say I am very excited about my new opportunity with Payperpost.

The last thing I want is to turn my site into one big “info commercial”. So please know I will only blog about topics that I truly can relate too and can share a story with.

I will admit the money I have earned so far has gone towards guilt-free Starbucks runs. As a stay-at-home mom it feels good to be contributing a little to the house hold finances. Even if it just maintains my caffeine addiction! However, I am thinking of putting my earnings aside. I would like to save up for a really nice digital camera. I’m always taking pictures of my children and have always dreamed of owning a nice professional camera. Now it can be a realistic goal!!!

Hey, you might even want to consider Payperpost too (that is if you are not doing it already). Maybe you could use a little (yes I’m going to say it again) pin money too?

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