Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

This year our pumpkin carving day didn’t turn out like planned. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did.

The kids were overly excited and overly out of control. This might have been sign of things to come. When you are working with a sharp knife it is not wise to be around young children who are running around and pretending scary ghosts are chasing them. My dear husband found out the hard (and painful) way.

My little girl was running in one direction but her head was facing another. She ran straight into our kitchen table with a big old thud! Ouch! The poor thing was crying a cry full of pain. A nasty red mark on the side of her head quickly appeared. Then there was my husband. He was busy using words that… well…you shouldn’t use in front of children. His hand was bleeding.

It could have been worse. I know that now. Yet at that moment I was in full on panic mode. Thankfully after rinsing his hand under cold water we determined the cut wasn’t serious. As for my daughter, she will have a small bruise for a few days. It doesn’t look like it will turn into a goose egg. I’m much calmer now then I was earlier today!

This also taught my husband and I to be more careful and vigilant when things like pumpkin carving is going on. Sometimes you just don’t think something like this could or would happen.

It is Halloween time and the kids are excited…we are having a fun family day…possible dangers just didn’t play in my mind.

Any way, I went out to Wal-mart and purchased a pumpkin carving kit for a few dollars. They are nice and sharp, yet so much safer. We put the big knife away!

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