Friday, October 12, 2007

Private Practice

I'm sitting here watching Private Practice (that I had saved on Tivo). This is episode #3 I think.

This show bugs me. It bugs me on many levels.

They each have like one patient a day in their clinic. How do they afford their mansions on the beach ?

A teenage girl in last week's episode had hidden her pregnancy from her Dad. Yet she went to this posh private practice. Who was paying the bills? She had even created a birth plan. How realistic is that?

The most upsetting thing for me though is when people arrive sick. Like really sick. I want to scream at the TV, "Call an ambulance!". Yet, they don't. They try to figure out what is wrong. Call me odd, but this stresses me out. It is like they are taking a chance with these people's lives. I just don't find this entertaining.

I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy Fan. Seriously.

I had huge hopes for Private Practice.

So disappointed.

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