Sunday, October 28, 2007

St. Augustine Shopping

Well, after the disastrous pumpkin carving adventure my family experienced today (read the post below), I have been wishing I were in St. Augustine shopping.

Why? Only because I have heard such incredible things about this place. I’m closeted fan of antiques. Yes it is true. My Aunt and Uncle owned an antique store when I was growing up. My parents used to drag my brother and I to yard sales looking for antiques to help out the store. I also spent many Saturdays at Flea Markets. As a young kid it was pure boredom. How ever as I have gotten older my interest has grown.

I will share this secret fact about myself too... I have been known to watch the Antique Road Show. No lie. I have! I love the stories behind either the item or how the owner came to obtain it. This is why (as a frazzled mom who is trying hard to chill out a little) I would love to visit St. Augustine, Florida.

Now is the time to be there too. During the last Saturdays in October and November the Uptown San Marco Shopping District, in St. Augustine will be focusing on their incredible antique shopping opportunities. There will be endless opportunities to shop for antiques, rare books and (so I have read) authentic Spanish treasures.

This is a monthly event, which participating antique dealers provide amazing workshops and the bookstores provide readings and book signings by local authors. If you find interest in art galleries you would love their featured exhibit openings with some of the finest local Florida artists. Another small (but note worthy) bonus is the free parking.

However there is much more then just great antique shopping to be had. These Saturday nights, the antique district comes to life with amazing street music. Each participating shop will also feature an open house (with wine and refreshments) that adds to the festive atmosphere.

Can you imagine casually strolling down the festive street browsing in stores while listening to live music and sipping a glass of wine? This would be heaven for me. (Keep in mind my fantasy includes the kids back home with Grandma and Grandpa).

So if you ever have the opportunity to drop by the San Marco Shopping District you should do it. Just remember it is an end-of-the-month event. So make sure you go on the last Saturday of the month. It runs from 5:00-9:00 PM. When you return you can send me an email and brag about all the fun you had.

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