Sunday, November 4, 2007

Heffalump Hell's after dinner and what our family calls "quiet time". This is when we try to wind down the kids in hopes to make the transition to bed time easier.

Ask me what show they have asked to watch tonight? It happens to be the same show they have watched straight each evening for the past...oh 14 or so nights!!!

Winnie The Pooh's Halloween Heffalump movie. Oh the pain of being a mother sometimes. I have casually slid my lap top onto my lap and hope they will stay far too engrossed in their show to be insulted that their mother is blogging.

Do not get me wrong. This movie is cute and fun...all that stuff. Yet, one can only watch it so many times in a row. It is over an hour long and I could probably recite it word by word.

This time change is getting to me to. I'm tired. Okay...I know I am old and it is showing. Any way, right now I'm counting the minutes until the new season of the Amazing Race starts!!

I am so excited!!!

So I will grin and bare it through this Halloween movie knowing the kids will be off to bed soon and my show will soon begin!

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