Sunday, November 4, 2007

Revenge Rocks

Revenge can rock sometimes. I read this story and I had to share it. It is a typical story warning all men to beware of a woman scorned. In this case a wife found out her husband had cheated on her. However, she wasn’t shy about taking revenge on him. The first thing she did was throw paint on his new jaguar. Ouch!

Then she had a better idea. Although it was technically his car, it was registered in her name. So she contacted a web based car selling company in the UK (where she lives). They will advertise your car on their website for a flat fee of £4.95 (no matter how long it takes to sell). This site sells new cars, used cars, and provides car loans. They are a leading web based company that receives thousands upon thousands of hits per week.

So this scorned wife new she wouldn’t have a problem finding an interested buyer. Even with the new paint job she had given the car. You can view the listing and her description of why she is selling the car. It is priced at a steal too. This revenged filled wife is selling her husband's Jaguar for approximately half of it value. Nice.

This sends out a lot of warnings doesn’t it? Besides the basic one that it never pays to cheat. It is also important to keep all your assets in your name. I can’t say I’d ever go this far in getting back at someone who cheated on me. Still, you can understand why she would want to hurt him back.

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