Friday, December 14, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Wow. The preparation for the holidays is starting to wear me out. Okay, cancel that thought. In truth I am already worn out! I can’t believe Christmas is less then 2 weeks away now. I feel like I’ll need a holiday after the holidays to recover!

So I will indulge my imagination and dream about booking Hotel Reservations somewhere warm and tranquil…without my children. A hotel with a nice tub for a warm bubble bath to soak in. Yes, that would be nice…

The site offers great prices on hotels, motels, resorts and even vacation rentals. They offer competitive prices and some great deals and discounts for locations throughout the world. We are talking about Las Vegas, New York, Miami, London, Anaheim and more! I really like this site as you can plug in your dream destination and the dates you would like to travel and they will give you a list of options. It is easy to use and offers great information and options.

I have blogged in the past about how I love to travel. We haven’t done a lot of this since having kids. I think my husband and I could really (really) use a get away. I’m going to be spending some time on this site dreaming and hopefully booking my dream vacation.

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