Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Too Cold

It has been soooo cold out lately. It should help put me in the Christmas spirit - right? No!

I'm just a little whimpy shivering sad mommy! I feel cold all the time. Is it a sign of old age? Like perhaps my circulation is slowing down causing me to be cold?

On a more positive side, my children sure know how to warm my heart. Today they played "Santa" together. For a couple of hours this afternoon they took turns being Santa. Wearing a Santa hat they'd wrap an old toy with a scrap of paper I gave them. When Santa was ready the other would run up to their rooms and pretend to be a sleep. Santa would sneak in and leave the present. They had so much fun, playing it over and over again! It was fun to be a bystander and just watch and listen from a distance.

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