Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Car Shopping

Car Prices can be scary. I have an 11 year old beater of a car. It now has a nasty oil leak. I need to have it looked at. I am hoping it won’t cost a lot to fix. However, I know that I’ll need a new car in the very new future. My car is falling a part.

I checked out They offer several convenient options to help consumers who are car shopping. Besides information and pictures of cars, they also offer quotes. You just need to enter your zip code and the make and model of the car you are interested in. This site can then match your request with local dealers near you. If you need help with financing they can you with that too.

I find the whole car shopping experience very stressful. I know I will feel more confident if I educate myself first.

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rmgales said...

I just purchased a car, so I understand your stess. I also purchased one for my daughter. I purchased her car on-line with the No Hassel Deal. I had the dealership send me a price quote on what I wanted. The deal was tweaked at the dealership, which went smoothly because I already had a quote. I was able to do my homework before I arrived, decide on a payment and stay within my range. Good Luck!